Thursday, August 23, 2007

MAGH III and Magh - IB Smoke Burner Stoves

I am presenting here two more designs of Magh series stoves designed by me:

Magh - III Smoke Burner Stove without holes in the combustion chamber for secondary air, but the gap between the combustion chamber and the stove top, which could be adjusted provides space for secondary air to enter for combustion. The primary air supply is similar to as of Magh - I and II Smoke Burner Stoves.

Magh - IB Smoke Burner Stove, this is similar to the Magh - I Smoke Burner Stove except, the outer air chamber is circular and the fan is placed at the bottom.

For previous models please see: or or the achieves of

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Abbi Jordan said...

Smoke Burner Stove is a prototype of 'MAGH' series based on T-LUD Principle, with two pots facility.
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